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How to increase the intensity of your workout.

30 August 2018

Go slow to grow.
The amount of times I see lifters banging out like its the last set of their lives. Try some slow and controlled reps, especially on the eccentric phase (lowering phase). Slowing down your reps will hopefully promote some better range of motion and increase the time the muscle is under tension, which is key for muscle growth. In turn this is sure to create more muscle damage, which is an essential mechanism of muscle growth. Next time try your set with a 3-5 second lowering phase and a 1 second up phase.


Keep it moving.
Try using forms of cardio that involve resistance, such as: sled pulls, tyre flips, stairs, walking with a weighted vest & kettlebell swings! Great ways to keep the heart rate up and metabolism rolling during exercise while keeping muscle time under tension.


Research has been proven to show powerful explosive movements like Olympic lifts, box jumps, bound jumps, kettlebell swings, plyometric push-ups & burpees can achieve a greater response from fast-twitch muscles fibres improving growth, explosive speed and body composition. Powerful movements to be done properly, safely and effectively should be done with volume management. 500 box jumps does is not what we are after. Try 5 explosive box jumps after a set of squats.


Try paused reps!
Example: Instead of regular squats try sinking right down into the hole, count “one-thousand-one” and then stand up to complete the rep. Now with the chest press, bring the bar or dumbbells to 5cm above chest level, count “one-thousand-one”, and press.


Drop sets.
Pick the last set of each exercise or muscle group and extend that set by dropping the weight by up to 50% in some cases- increasing that time under tension.  For example: you are doing 50kg squats for 10reps, your last set might look like this:
60kg x 8 straight into 40kg x 8 straight into 20kg x 8- burnout. There are many ways in which you can do this and will all depend of the lift, body part and training history. This high intensity high volume set is sure to burn out the last bit you have in the tank and is a great tool for strength and size plateaus.



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